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Absolutely Unbreakable Encryption

Japanese tech giant Toshiba is all set to create the next level of encryption technology that the firm claims are absolutely unbreakable and "completely secure from tapping". The best way to ensure the complete security of the communication is to make use of a one-time key to decode encrypted data. However, the problem remains to transfer this key from one place to another safely when even mail carriers may be spying on you.

Quantum Cryptographic Communication

Toshiba is creating a 'foolproof' Quantum Cryptography System that uses photons sent over a custom-made fiber optic cable that is not connected to the Internet. Quantum cryptographic communication uses quantum physics to ensure that genomic data encrypted with digital keys remains secret. Standard optical communications can be intercepted and read by measuring a part of the optical signal.

Quantum Cryptographic communication system

However, in quantum communications bits are carried and sent by individual photons, which cannot be tampered with without leaving a trace of the intrusion. As a consequence, the secrecy of untampered encryption keys, and the genome data they protect can be guaranteed.

This technology guarantees secure transfers of confidential information and personal information. Potential users will include public agencies and medical institutions.

In an era of mass surveillance, spying NSA etc this technology will provide a breakthrough in safe and private communication.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2015/06/22/toshiba-working-on-unbreakable-encryption-technology/

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