A penetration test is one of the most effective ways to identify systemic weaknesses and deficiencies in these programs. A penetration test, or the short form pen-test, is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and data. The process involves identifying the target systems and the goal, then reviewing the information available and undertaking available means to attain the goal. A penetration test can help determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack if the defenses were sufficient and which defenses were defeated in the penetration test. By attempting to circumvent security controls and bypass security mechanisms, a penetration tester is able to identify ways in which a hacker might be able to compromise an organization’s security and damage the organization as a whole.


Metasploit isn’t just a tool; it’s an entire framework that provides the infrastructure needed to automate mundane, routine, and complex tasks. This allows you to concentrate on the unique or specialized aspects of penetration testing and on identifying flaws within your information security program. Metasploit can be used in your penetration tests. Metasploit allows you to easily build attack vectors to augment its exploits, payloads, encoders, and more in order to create and execute more advanced attacks. It is available for download in windows and comes preloaded with Kali Linux.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux (Kali) is a Linux distribution system that was developed with a focus on the penetration testing task. Previously, Kali Linux was known as BackTrack, which itself is a merger between three different live Linux penetration testing distributions: IWHAX, WHOPPIX, and Auditor. BackTrack is one of the most famous Linux distribution systems, as can be proven by the number of downloads that reached more than four million as of BackTrack Linux 4.0 pre final. Kali Linux Version 1.0 was released on March 12, 2013. Five days later, Version 1.0.1 was released, which fixed the USB keyboard issue. Later many versions of kali were released which included advanced tool and fixing bugs found in previous releases. The latest version is 2.0, also known as Kali Sana.

Kali includes over 400 security testing tools. A lot of the redundant tools from Backtrack have been removed and the tool interface streamlined. You can now get to the most used tools quickly as they appear in a top ten security tool menu. You can also find these same tools and a plethora of others all neatly categorized in the menu. The latest version of Kali Linux is 1.0.9, which is used throughout our tests in this report. Kali allows you to use similar tools and techniques that a hacker would use to test the security of your network so you can find and correct these issues before a real hacker finds them.

Security testing tools can be extremely costly, Kali is free! Secondly, Kali includes open source versions of numerous commercial security products, so you could conceivably replace costly programs by simply using Kali. All though Kali does include several free versions of popular software programs that can be upgraded to the full-featured paid versions and used directly through Kali.

About This Tutorial

This tutorial series is made such a way to provide a clear idea about everything from the fundamentals of information Security to advanced techniques in Penetration testing, This guide will benefit beginners the most,as it starts from the absolute basics of Metasploit Framework & KaliLinux. Unlike the usual practice of exploiting Windows Xp and other outdated platforms, this series focuses on all latest operating systems and platforms including the latest Windows 10. Chapter one gives a basic idea about Metasploit, Kali & Linux Penetration Testing. In the next chapters, the detailed procedure of vulnerability scanning and exploitation is explained. Various techniques of compromising a target system and exploiting them is explained with screenshots and detailed steps. Various post exploitation techniques are explained in separate chapters. Advanced techniques for evading antivirus and avoiding detection are also explained. An effective tool called ‘Cobalt Strike’ is introduced and attacking systems with it is also demonstrated. Programming knowledge is a definite advantage in the penetration testing field, and many of the examples will use either the Ruby or Python programming language. It is suggested to learn a language like Ruby or Python to aid in advanced Exploitation and customization of attacks. Otherwise, programming knowledge is not compulsory. As you grow more comfortable with Metasploit, you will notice that the Framework is frequently updated with new features, exploits, and attacks. This project was developed with the knowledge that Metasploit is continually changing and that no printed book is likely to be able to keep pace with this rapid development. However, care has been taken to use all latest tools and techniques. 

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