Free LastPass Premium Subscription 2016

Free ‪LastPass‬ Premium Subscription (2 Years)

LastPass is one of the best password manager tools and it saves you the trouble of remembering a lot of passwords. You can save as many passwords as you want and need to remember only one master password. This tool is a great relief for Bloggers/SEO/SERM/Digital Marketing people etc because they have to create and maintain multiple online accounts for various purposes. It also acts as a highly secure vault for storing confidential documents and data.

Features Of Free LastPass Premium Subscription 2017

LastPass Premium Account comes with many useful features which are worth paying for. A quick glance at the features is given below. If you already know about LastPass you can skip it.
  • Secure Vault Feature: With a LastPass Premium Account, all passwords are saved in a highly secure wallet which is easy-to-use, searchable, and organizable as per your need.
  • Password Autofill: No need to type password manually anymore. With LastPass Premium Account, it will autofill the login fields of sites. 
  • Save Multiple Accounts: you can save multiple accounts for the same sites i.e if you have 10 Gmail accounts you can save them all and switch between them at ease.
  • Supports Multiple Devices and Platforms: LastPass Premium Account vault is backed up and synced automatically across multiple devices and browsers.
  • Secure Notes: Save confidential data and documents. Information like insurance cards, memberships, prescriptions, WiFi logins and anything, all backed up and encrypted.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: LastPass Premium Subscription has an extra layer of security. This ensures that even if someone knows your password the data is safe.

How To Get LastPass Premium Account For Free?

A free account comes with limited features but premium has all the above features and more. LastPass Premium Subscription is priced at $12 per year but here is a method by which you can get LastPass Premium free for up to 2 years. Follow the below given steps carefully. 
  • Click the below link and signup for a new LastPass Account. 

LastPass Premium SignUp

  • This will give you 30 days LastPass Premium straightaway. 
  • Now verify your email and login to LastPass Premium Account. Then go to this link
  • Invite your friends or send them the referral link. For every person who signup, you will get additional 30 days of free LastPass Premium Subscription. 
  • Try to invite more of your friends and increase the free LastPass Premium Subscription duration, up to a maximum of 2 years. It takes only 24 friends to get you 2 years of free LastPass Premium Subscription.

Why You Should Use LastPass.

Let me explain some of the advantages of LastPass Premium over other password managers. LastPass helps you to generate highly secure passwords for any site with a single click. Apart from that it also has an option to audit the strength of all your passwords and change the weak ones with a single click. Their cross-platform compatibility is noteworthy. It syncs very well with smartphones and tablets and you can also use the fingerprint scanner to manage passwords!

Is it secure? Should I Trust LastPass With All My Passwords?

The answer is YES. User data is encrypted at the device level. This means even the LastPass owners do not have access to your master password or any passwords stored in the account. Further LastPass Premium Service uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. In simple words, it means even if something horrible happens like a data breach, referral your data is still secure. Because the encrypted data is useless without the key and that key belongs to none other than the users.


You can also signup for new accounts using your referral link but always remember LastPass has strict policies against fake accounts. Use a VPN and fresh email IDs. Take some effort and make the fake accounts look genuine by saving sites, using it often, logging in often etc. So that's it. Enjoy your LastPass Premium Subscription For 2 years.

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  1. Thanks. I refered my friends and got 24 months of free premium subscription.

  2. Can I refer someone to Keeper instead and get two years Unlimited with them? I think they are the best password manager.

  3. Can I refer someone to Keeper instead and get two years Unlimited with them? I think they are the best password manager.

  4. Can I refer people to Keeper and get two years of Unlimited with them? I find they are the best password manager.