Hi everyone first of all, thanks for visiting my blog and for the superb feedback on Zbigz Free Premium Account 2016 trick.
Today let me tell you another trick, as a continuation of the Zbigz Free Premium Account Trick. Most of you have complained about their files being deleted after sometime and slow download speeds. Zbigz allows only up to 100GB of storage and once the number of files exceeds the limit it may get auto deleted. Also, some people are deleting other's files from Zbigz Free Premium Account.

A Humble request to them please don't do it.

Well, don't worry anymore. Here comes the solution for Zbigz Free Premium Account's file deletion problem. It is based on a cloud upload/download service called Uptobox.

Uptobox Free Premium- file Storage & Download Service.

So what is Uptobox? Uptobox is a file hosting provider. They offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading, and downloading tools. With Uptobox one can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place. Zbigz offers only up to 100GB of storage whereas Uptobox provides 1TB (1024GB) of storage!! Ok, that's all for the intro. let's get into the trick now.

Use Uptobox Free Premium to solve Zbigz file deletion issues and Low download speeds.

First of all, create an account in Uptobox from the below-given link. It is important to register because it gives lots of advantages like more speed and storage space. 
Once you register login and from home page click on 'Remote Url Upload'

Now go to Zbigz Free Premium Account 2016upload a torrent and copy its direct download link. 

Come back to Uptobox account, paste the download link and click upload. 

The file will be uploaded within seconds at high speed. 

Now your file is safely saved in Uptobox account. Nobody can delete it because it is saved in your own personal account. It can be downloaded at any time by going to 'My Files' and clicking on the file name. 

Click it and enjoy your download. 

Uptobox Speed Check. 

It is giving very good download speed. Here is a screenshot of download speed from Uptobox. Again I repeat, download speed depends on your Internet speed (ISP speed). 

ProTip  1: While downloading from Uptobox you may need to disable Adblock plugins. If you are not comfortable with disabling Adblock, click on the download file, create download link, download now links as fast as you can i.e faster is better. This will prevent the site from detecting Adblock plugins and go directly to download link.

ProTip 2: Sometimes it may show waiting time if you try to download multiple files at the same time. To overcome simply copy the download link and open in Incognito tab/Private tab or from a new browser or clear cache & cookies and open.

Advantages of Uptobox Free Premium Account:

  • Up to 1TB of Free Storage.
  • Supports all type of files.
  • No more file deleted problems in Zbigz Free Premium Account. 
  • Faster and safer download. 
  • Files can be saved as long as you want. 
  • Failed downloads can be resumed. 


The best thing about Uptobox is that it can be used as an online storage and for downloading from other services. Some file download services have time/IP based restrictions i.e download link will expire after a particular time and also it is restricted to particular IP. Using Uptobox you can get the download link, use remote file upload feature, save it in your account within seconds and download it at your convenience. 

Click here to go to Zbigz Free Premium Account 2016

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  1. Thanks,very useful :)

  2. Thanks a million sir. I was exactly looking for something like this. As you said it is not only for zbigz but useful in a thousand other ways. Uptobox has free streaming service also. So zbigz+uptobox trick = stream/download/upload/share torrent files at no cost!.
    Man,you are the best. Keep posting good things like this. :D

    1. Yes they have free streaming option now. I am happy that you are enjoying it. Stay tuned for more exciting stuffs.

  3. i have deleted a file by accedent how i can restored

  4. Now zbigz won't work in uptobox.com, Now you can remove this page.
    Because zbigz download links are individuals and cannot be shared.

  5. brother bring new solution to this problem
    could not copy the url
    hope you do
    thanks anywas
    god bless you

    1. Click download and the file starts to get downloaded. You can copy the download link easily and once you get it,cancel the download.