Installing Kali Nethunter On Any Android Devices

This tutorial will help you with installing Kali NetHunter on any android device. Before proceeding further, let me warn you that I am not responsible for what you do with your devices. Do everything at your own risk. It is recommended to try Kali NetHunter in any of the officially supported devices by Offensive Security. However, it is not compulsory because NetHunter has been ported to support a number of other devices. This guide for installing NetHunter in android devices is made assuming you have some basic understanding about rooting, custom recovery, unlocking the bootloader, soft brick, hard brick, flashing, custom ROMs etc. Please read the instructions very carefully. Read the previous post to know more about Kali NetHunter. Following are the prerequisites in general.


1) Rooted Device
2) TWRP custom Recovery Installed.
3) Device with Unlocked Bootloader (it will be locked by default)
4) Complete backup of the device to be on the safer side(taken with custom recovery)

Installing Kali NetHunter on Nexus or OnePlus devices

These devices are the best compatible with Kali NetHunter. Follow the below steps.
Downloading NetHunter: It can be downloaded from the Offensive Security NetHunter project page located at the following URL:

Unlock the bootloader of the android device. 

Unlock Bootloader Of Android
Image:  HowToGeek
 To root android phones and flash custom ROMs, unlocking its bootloader is necessary for most of the devices. Some devices come with unlockable bootloader while others are not. However, most of the devices are unlockable either by official methods or via some unofficial ways. Unlocking bootloader results in data loss, so make sure you backup anything that is important. You can follow this tutorial for unlocking the bootloader of your device. How to unlock bootloader

Install TWRP recovery:

Install TWRP Recovery Android
Image: XDA Forums
TWRP stands for 'Team Win Recovery Project' is an open-source custom recovery for Android. It allows you to install third-party firmware and backup the current system, which is often unsupported by stock recovery images. Follow this guide to install TWRP on your device. How to Install TWRP in any Device

Flashing NetHunter Zip: 

Flashing NetHunter ROM

Now, this is the last step. Flashing means loading a different version of Android onto your device. Flash the NetHunter zip file downloaded previously and reboot. For more information on flashing, refer the link. Android Flashing Guide

Or here is a detailed tutorial for that.

Installing NetHunter in other devices.

Here is the list of devices supported officially If your device is on this list, you are lucky. Click the respective links for the detailed instructions in XDA forums.
If you want Kali NetHunter installation instructions for any other devices please leave a comment below.

If the above methods are not working Try: How To Install Kali NetHunter On Any Android Device - Universal Method.

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  1. I need to install kali nethunter on my samsung galaxy J7 lolipop.. plz help me..

    1. Hi, Nethunter is not yet available for Samsung Galaxy J7. You can either use an app called 'Linux Deploy' to run Kali Linux in J7(or any other phone) or goto XDA forums and ask someone to port it to your device.

  2. Replies
    1. I will soon add new instructions to make it run in all android devices. For the time being you can use an app called 'linux Deploy' to run Kali Linux on your device since it is rooted.

  3. Any word on porting it for lg stylus

  4. How about zenfone 5 t00f on cyanogenmod 13.1?

  5. please how to run kali nethunter on J700h please need help please

  6. i want to run it in redmi note 4g ....?

  7. Can i install nethunter on galaxy tab GT-P1000 which is rooted and have CWM recovery.

  8. i want to install it on asus zenfone 5 16gb t00j

  9. i want to install it on zenfone 5 t00j

  10. is it available for Samsung Galaxy s3 i9300

    thanks in advance

  11. Hi ! How to install Kali Nethunter on my Sony Z3 tablet compact SGP621 please ! Kali Nethunter is Not avaliable for my device.please help. Thanks a lot !

  12. I have updated a few more devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy s4, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge etc. For other devices wait for a new post in which I will cover a few generic methods for all devices.

  13. Hello Everyone, I have made a new post about how to install NetHunter in any android device-Universal guide for all android devices. Check it out here -

  14. Hello my phone is yu yureka s.kali nethuter isworks on it.and hOw to install in my phone