Hi everyone, Welcome back. This tutorial is exclusively for Nexus 5x device. I will be covering topics like unlocking, rooting, installing TWRP recovery, flashing Kali NetHunter and setting up everything necessary to run Kali NetHunter in Nexus 5x. This tutorial is for beginners and if you already installed TWRP you can skip the introduction part and go directly to the downloads section for the flashable NetHunter zips. If you reached here from the previous post 'Installing NetHunter On Any Device', you might be knowing that there are certain prerequisites for installing NetHunter onto android devices. Those are explained in detail below, taking Nexus 5x as an example.

NetHunter on Nexus 5x


Make sure the following prerequisites are met before proceeding further.

How To Unlock Nexus 5x Bootloader to install Kali Nethunter

This is the first step. To unlock the Bootloader of Nexus 5x, follow the below instructions.
  • Go to settings > Developer Options and spot 'enable USB Debugging' and 'Enable OEM Unlock' options and enable them. If these is no developer options in the settings menu, tap the "Build number" repeatedly until it says 'developer mode enabled'.
  • Power off your Nexus 5x and once it is off, turn it back on by pressing 'Power button + Volume down'. Now the phone will boot into Bootloader. Connect it to PC via USB cable.
  • Open command prompt/terminal in the folder where the platform tools were previously extracted.(To do this, open the folder, hold shift + right click, select open command prompt/terminal here). Type the following command "adb version" without quotes and it should be displaying the version of ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
  • Type the following command "fastboot devices" without quotes. This will display the serial number of Nexus 5x. If you see any error in this step or the previous one, make sure all the instructions in Prerequisites section is done properly.
  • Caution: This step will erase all user data from the device. Take a backup if necessary(1st pic below). Type the command "fastboot oem unlock" and hit enter. This will ask for confirmation in the Nexus 5x's screen(2nd pic below). Confirm it. Use volume keys for scrolling and power button for confirming.
  • Wait until the process is completed. Type this command "fastboot reboot". Wait until the phone reboots. Now onwards whenever nexus 5x is rebooted there might be a warning about an unlocked bootloader. (3rd Pic below) It is safe to ignore it. That's it. Your Nexus 5x will be with unlocked bootloader now.
Unlock Bootloader Nexus 5x

How To Install TWRP in Nexus 5x to install Kali NetHunter

The next step after unlocking the bootloader of Nexus 5x is to install a custom recovery like TWRP. Follow the below steps for that.
  • Download the TWRP Recovery for Nexus 5x from this link. https://dl.twrp.me/bullhead/
  • Place TWRP for Nexus 5x in the folder where platform tools were extracted earlier. 
  • Turn off the phone and boot into bootloader. 
  • Open command prompt/terminal in the folder where TWRP for Nexus 5x is located and enter the following command without quotes "fastboot flash recovery filename.img". The filename would be the TWRP file name. 
  • Now reboot the bootloader using volume keys and power key. 

How to root Nexus 5x to install Kali NetHunter

After flashing TWRP and rebooting into bootloader, boot into the recovery. Do not reboot the phone. This is a very important thing to follow if you are having Nougat 7 or later.
  • Download the flashable SuperSu zip file from this link. and save it to the phone memory. 
  • From the TWRP menu, choose install zip and choose the SuperSu zip file and swipe to install it. 
  • After successful installation, there will be an option to wipe cache/dalvik. Do it and then swipe back and reboot. That's it. Now your phone is ready to flash Kali NetHunter (or any other ROM)

Flashing Kali Nethunter onto Nexus 5x/bullhead (or) How to install Kali NetHunter In Nexus 5x

If you followed the above steps carefully, you can proceed with flashing Kali NetHunter onto Nexus 5x phone.
Flash Kali NetHunter Nexus 5x
  • For Nougat 7 and up: Download the Kali Nethunter Zip file from the  link NetHunter Bullhead Nougat Kalifs Full
  • For Marshmallow 6 and up: Download the Kali Nethunter Zip file from the  link NetHunter Bullhead Marshmallow Kalifs Full
  • Keep the zip files in phone's internal memory and reboot it to TWRP. (Power off, Press and hold volume down and then power on. Using the volume keys and power key select recovery mode )
  • Click on install and choose the Kali Nethunter ROM and swipe to install. Check out the pictures above, just in case if you want to get familiar with the interface.
  • Wait until the process is finished and then clear cache/dalvik and then reboot. First boot might take a bit more time so wait till the phone is booted. 
  • Once it loads all scripts and apps, you will see the home screen with an awesome wallpaper and NetHunter app and a few other apps preinstalled. It comes with a cool Kali boot animation. Check out the pictures below.
Kali NetHunter Nexus 5x

Important: Open Nethunter-terminal app and in the select shell prompt, click on 'KALI'. This should take you to the Kali terminal. If you are getting any terminal errors here or while opening any other apps, just uninstall the nethunter-terminal app and install it from this link. Kali NetHunter Terminal Lates Apk


That's all about installing Kali NetHunter on Nexus 5x Device. now the phone is ready to be used as an ultimate hacking tool. Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use a NetHunter device for hacking.
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